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How to Store Your Summer Clothes

Our clocks have fallen back an hour and it certainly feels like autumn has arrived. Who else has been trying to locate their warm winter scarf?

It’s got us thinking about packing away those summer clothes. Not only will it make sure they are kept in awesome condition, you’ll make room for those chunkier items ready to face the colder months with ease.

Here’s five key tips to protect those summer treasures:

Storage spot

Choose where you’re going to store the clothes. Think dry, away from direct sunlight and ideally in a temperature controlled space. Under the bed or bottom of the wardrobe tend to be the best spots.

Storage container

Next select your container. Because you’re storing for several months cardboard won’t be ideal, it can damage fabrics and is a draw for insects. Look for solutions that will fit your chosen space and garment type. You might like to vacuum pack, use cloth storage bags, plastic containers or even store in suitcases. Make sure you label, you’ll be in a rush to get outside when warm weather arrives.

Sparkling garments

It sounds like common sense but make sure your clothes are clean before you store them away. No one wants to attempt to scrub out a six month old stain and sweat may attract insects. To be sure wash or dry clean all the items you intend to pack. Also make sure all clothes are fully dry before putting them away.

Fold and roll

Depending on the fabric fold or roll your items and try not to pack them too tightly. This will help avoid permanent creases.

Finishing touch

Lastly leave yourself a treat before tucking your goodies away. Add a natural scent like a lavender bag. The smell will be divine when you lift the lid next summer.

Happy packing!

Ellen x

not just dresses | Founder